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Ford FPV Valve Caps - Black

Ford FPV Valve Caps - Black

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FPV (Ford Performance Vehicles) was an Australian performance vehicle division of Ford Australia. Here's a list of FPV variant cars that were sold primarily in Australia and New Zealand:

  1. Ford FPV GT - High-performance version of the Ford Falcon, available in sedan and utility (ute) body styles.

  2. Ford FPV GT-P - Premium performance variant of the Ford Falcon, offering additional luxury features.

  3. Ford FPV GT-F - A limited-edition performance model based on the FG X Falcon platform, marking the end of the FPV brand.

  4. Ford FPV F6 - Performance-oriented version of the Ford Falcon, featuring a turbocharged inline-six engine.

  5. Ford FPV Pursuit - Performance-oriented utility (ute) version of the Ford Falcon, offering enhanced handling and power.

Please note that FPV vehicles were primarily sold in Australia and New Zealand and were not widely available in other parts of the world. Additionally, FPV production ceased in 2014 when Ford Australia ended manufacturing operations.

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